Tooth Fairy Coins
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These coins are a keepsake...
•  Provide an opportunity to meaningfully participate in your child's life.
•  Perfect gift for baby showers.
• A fun way for Grandma and Grandpa to get in on the action too, because you never know when or where a tooth is going to come out!
•  Tooth Fairy coins from are great gifts for your children who still believe that dreams do come true.

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The Tooth Fairy Legend...

The tooth fairy comes when a child has lost a tooth, commonly in the middle of the night. The tooth is left under their pillow, so that the tooth fairy can take it. A treat or money is left under the pillow in place of the tooth.

One tradition in England held that if a child's tooth fell out, that child must drop it into a fire, to avoid having to look for it after death, and this may be the origin of the importance of a lost tooth. This tale was handed down during the Middle Ages to smaller children during the teething stage. The addition of fire into the story may have conjured up images of witchcraft. Suspected witches were often burned, because people believed money appeared after they threw articles into fire. From this myth comes the importance of keeping a tooth. When a witch burned a piece of hair, clothing or teeth from a person, she supposedly obtained power over them. Parents may have prompted children into keeping teeth or burning the teeth themselves in order to keep themselves free of demon possession.

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